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Through our personalized plans, we make it super easy for groups of friends to get together while discovering great local businesses. Buy a placement in one of our plans for your business and we'll bring customers to you when you need them.


Make your business a part of

Coffee Wednesday

Taco Tuesday

Romantic Date Night

Coffee Chats

Drinks with Coworkers

Monday Movie Night

Art & Wine Exploration

Bottomless Brunch

Game Night


We've taken the hassle out of promoting your business to groups.

We do all of the legwork and you reap the rewards with new visitors.

  • Customers on Demand

    With down to the hour specification, tell us exactly when to bring customers to you.

  • No Guesswork

    Don’t worry about having to create the perfect marketing copy. We’ll handle it from here and you’ll be amazed.

  • Fixed Pricing

    No secret pricing or bidding. With an inexpensive one-time purchase, lock in your promoted plan for up to a year.

Here's what our Leaf app users are saying about us.

  • Isaiah

    Newark, NJ

    “I enjoy going out with friends, but I hate the planning part of it. Leaf does it for me. ”

  • Eddie

    Queens, NY

    “It’s pretty cool knowing I don’t have to think of things to do and who to do it with. It’s all done for me when I open the app.”

  • Krystal

    New York, NY

    “The one app that basically runs my social life.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit marketing copy or images?

Nope. We’ll research your business and create a compelling plan based on the preferences of our users.

How will I know when the plan is live on the Leaf app?

We’ll notify you via email when the plan has gone live on the Leaf app. We’ll also send you a link to view what the plan looks like. You can download the iOS app here.

Will other businesses be featured on my plan?

Possibly. A lot of analysis and fancy algorithims are used in developing the most enticing plans for our Leaf app users. If your plan has other businesses featured, there’s probably a good reason for it.

How will I know if the plan was effective or not?

Each week that your plan is active, we will send you detailed results, which include number of plan views, plan invites sent & accepted, etc. We’ll also send some data around the type of users that are engaging with your plan.

What if I want to offer specials and/or discounts to your users?

That’s awesome! Just contact us below and we will be sure to incorporate it into your plan.

What if there are changes to my business information (i.e. email address, hours, etc.) ?

Please contact us below and we’ll be sure to make the corrections as soon as possible.


No Contracts. No Monthly Subscription. One-Time Payment.

  • 1 MONTH
  • 3 MONTHS
  • 6 MONTHS
  • 9 MONTHS
  • 12 MONTHS


    One-Time Payment
    • Custom Crafted Plan
    • Results Emailed Weekly


    One-Time Payment
    • Custom Crafted Plan
    • Results Emailed Weekly
    • Option to select a future start date
    • Option to select day(s) of week.
    • Option to select time(s) of day.
  • VIP


    One-Time Payment
    • Custom Crafted FEATURED Plan
    • Results Emailed Weekly
    • Option to select a future start date
    • Option to select day(s) of week.
    • Option to select time(s) of day.